Your personal shortcut to efficiency, macropad MK-01 enhances your workflow with its elegant design and utility. Customizable keys and acurate rotary encoders are facilitating a creative process that’s as inspiring as the work you produce. More than a peripheral, it’s a gateway to optimizing your efficiency and elevating your competitive edge.


Retro-premium design sets it apart from generic macropads, offering not just functionality but a piece of art for your workspace. MK-01 features translucent body parts that showcase the in-house designed circuit. So this device will be probably, the most  special device on your desk.

Your Work.

Gives you power by providing an intuitive software, allowing you to customize the functionalities according to your needs.


Elevate your workflow not just in style but also in terms of functionality. You can customize your MK-01 to fit almost every use case using the dedicated configurator, KeyForge Master


Premium aluminum knobs and brown switches offer a superior, tactile experience with hot-swap capability. 

Effortless access to multiple configurations and secondary actions via the ‘Super Key’.


Hand-built products, reflecting the dedication to achieve perfection and attention to detail in every piece.

What you
will get.

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